Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Welcome to AP Psysh & Extra Credit Opportunity

Welcome to AP Psych, I am sorry that I am not there right now.  I am currently in South Korea on a Military assignment.  I will be back after Labor Day.  I would like to get to know you all a little better before I return, so if you will email me your "Why I want to study Psychology" papers to before the 30th of August so I can read them on my plane ride home, I will give you a few points of extra credit.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Recipe for Success in Mr. Stevenson's AP Classes

Recipe for Success in Mr. Stevenson’s AP Classes
  1. We read a section of the textbook each night. (Your student can check the Unit/Chapter Plan on the blog.)
  2. Your student is encouraged to take notes on each night’s reading. (There is a Note Taking Guide for each Unit/Chapter available on the blog.)
  3. We take a quiz at the beginning of each day on the reading, at which time they can reference their notes while they take the quiz.  
  4. We discuss the reading and sometimes we do an assignment (all assignments are due the day of the test, the day of the test is clearly stated on their Unit Plan).  I encourage your student to have their reading notes out during our discussions so that they can add to them during class.
  5. Prior to each Unit Test, I encourage them to review their reading notes, their quizzes, and their assignments.  There are between 50-100 multiple choice questions and one long free response.  The multiple choice questions come from their reading and the free response is usually about the primary focus of our reading and class discussions.

Desired Outcome: It is said that in order for your student to pass the AP Test, they need to read or review the Textbook (or its content) a minimum of three times prior to the test.  If they follow my recipe, they will review the information 3-4 times prior to the AP Test.

If your student would like to improve their grade they can:
  1. Do test corrections on all of their tests (See Blog, “General Classroom Info” & Forms Page)
  2. They can do up to 5% of extra credit assignments.
  3. They can turn in two late assignments for full points.
  4. If they are failing the class, they can turn in unlimited amounts of extra credit, but the highest grade they can earn in the class is a C.  (If your student failed 1st or 2nd term, they can still bring their grade up to a C.)

Dates for AP Tests
Deadline to Pay for your AP Test: Friday, March 29th (Pay $93 to the Financial Office)
AP Psychology: Monday, May 1st at 12:00
AP Geography: Friday, May 12th at 8:00