Unit I History & Unit II Research

Unit I & Unit II Plan: This includes a list of what we will be doing every day and the assignments and projects that will be due during this unit.

Be sure to check the Summer Work Page for the rests of the assignments and papers that are due on the day of the Unit I&II Test.

Unit I & Unit II Reading Outline Guide: Click on the hyperlink, save the document to your Google Drive, and then type directly into your saved document.  Unit I is the "Prologue" that you completed during your summer work.

Crash Course: Intro to Psychology
Crash Course: Psychological Research

Power Points
Power Point on 8 Modern Perspectives.  This does not include the explanations for attraction and aggression, but it does include the summaries, key terms, and people.

Power Point on Conducting Scientific Research & Statistics: There is some great information in this that might help you review the material from your reading.

If you are struggling with Standard Deviation, click on Standard Deviation and it will take you to a site that provides a slightly easier explanation.

Complete Unit 1 PowerPoint: You can use this for review if you need it.

8 Modern Perspectives: This is an assignment, we will complete the majority of it in class.

1.  Open the above assignment and save it to your Google Drive.  
2. The class will be broken into two groups of 16, you will be assigned a partner and one of the 8 Perspectives to research.
3.  You have 20-30 minutes to research your respective perspective.  (use the information that you read, the power point on the blog and any website you can google)  When you get done, you should be able to teach the rest of your group about that perspective to a degree that each member of their group could address each of the bullets on the “8 Modern Perspectives” handout. 
 4.  Get back together with your group of 16 and take turns as pares teach the rest of your group about the perspective you researched.  Your group will have 20-30 minutes to complete this step.  You should be filling out your "8 Modern Perspectives" handout during this time.

Conducting Scientific Research: This too is an assignment that we will spend a few days working on.  This assignment includes an extra credit opportunity.

Extra Credit:
The Allegory of the Cave: Read and answer the questions.

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