Summer Work

Disclosure Documents: You can find these on the General Info and Forms Page, please read them carefully.

1.  Why do I want to Study Psychology I know this will be tough for some of you, but see if you can keep this paper around 2 to 3 pages maximum.

2.  Reading and Chapter Outlines:
One of our goals is to help you learn how to take quality notes when you read and during class.  For each chapter, you will turn in a chapter outline on the day of the test.  Your outline should be organized using a chunking or hierarchy method.  At a minimum (by all means you can include more information, remember you will be able to use these notes when you take your quizzes), you need to include:
1. All of the bold and italicized terms, people, and/or studies.
2. Definitions or descriptions for each of those terms, people, and/or studies.
3. Examples, illustrations, applications, or associations for each of the terms, people, and/or studies.

Outline Guide for the Prologue (i.e. Unit I, it also has the outline for Unit II, but you do not need to complete Unit II until after school starts.):  Open, save a copy to your Google Drive and then type directly into it.

Here is an example:

Psychology:  The scientific study of behavior and mental processes.
EX: People who study the common attitudes and behavioral patterns of serial killers or successful CEOs.
Here is a more lengthy example:  4 Theories of Motivation (I would recommend that you type your chapter outlines, it makes them easier to edit later.  Also, it is a good idea to leave a little room between each term so that you can add additional detail during class.)

Prologue: Click on the "Prologue" hyperlink, read and use the instructions above to create your chapter outline.
Chapter 2 Intro: Neurons: Read and use the instructions above to make your chapter outline.

3.  40 Studies Answer Sheet:  You will want to print out two copies of this or simply type the answers and questions on a separate document.  Pick any two of the following studies and answer the questions on the answer sheet.
Study #1: The One; the Many
Study #2: See Aggression. . . Do Aggression
Study #3: Not Practicing What You Preach
Study #4: One Brain or Two?
Study #5: You're Getting Defensive Again!

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