Unit VIII Motivation & Emotion & Stress

Unit VIII Plan

Unit VIII Note Taking Guide
Apprentice Project: See additional details below
Belonging & Work Assignment: See additional details below
Emotions Part I: See additional details below
Stress and Stress Management

Motivation & Emotion PowerPoint
Stress & Stress Management 
Review Videos
Crash Course The Power of Motivation
Crash Course Eating Disorders
Crash Course Emotions: Feeling all the Feels
Crash Course Emotion, Stress, Health

Extra Credit Assignments
The Belief Window: See instructions below
Emotions Part II: See additional details below
Lie Detecting & The O.J. Simpson Interview: Here is the worksheet for this assignment.
The Actual OJ Simpson Interview: Here is the transcript to the interview.
The Emotional Life Find a way to watch one or all of this series and write up what you learned in each episode.  1 page minimum for each episode.
Health & Population Control Project: Pick one or more of the topics and develop a plan
Tuesdays with Morrie: You can find the movie on Youtube

Day 1
Instructions for Belief Window Extra Credit Assignment:
1.  Draw and label the model
2.  Write down one belief for each of the following topics, tell me what you need drives the belief and corresponding action and wether or not your belief will meet your needs over time.

-Where and what you eat for lunch
-What you wear to school
-Body Image
-Who you date
-Car you driv
 -Drug Use
3.  Have each person you teach write a one paragraph response to what they thought of the belief window and then have them sign under their response.  [Study]

The Belief Window Video 1

The Belief Window Video 2

The Belief Window Video 3

Day 2
Apprentice Project:  If you were not here for the preparation or presentation day for this project your make up project will be to research and write a paper on the physiological and psychological explanations of the three main eating disorders.  2-3 pages, be sure to site your sources.  This will be due the day of the test.

Apprentice Evaluations and Written Responses (These are due the day of the test)
1. The Team Leader will evaluate the two Department Leaders (Evaluation forms can be found in the Apprentice Project packet.)
2. Department Leaders will evaluate each member of their team.  (If a person did not participate, please let me know.  They can do the make up assignment.)
3.  All three leaders will answer the following questions: A) How did you motivate your team members?  B) What type of leader are you: Democratic, Laze Faire, or Authoritarian, explain.  C) How did you identify people's strengths, or did you?  D) In reference to your group, which had a greater impact, intelligence or self-discipline? [the three]
4.  Team Members will answer the following questions: A) Do you feel your strengths were put to use?  B) How did your leaders motivate you?  C) Did your leader provide clear guidance and expectations?  D) Do you feel your leader did too much or too little?

Day 3
Belonging & Work Assignment:  You will have time to work with a group on this during class.  I wanted to clarify what exactly the assignment is.
1.  Answer all the questions that begin with Q:
2.  Watch and answer the questions about "Drive".  If you missed the clip in class, you can find it on this page (see below).
3.  Read the article about my Brigade Commander and write a half page response as to why he was not a good leader.  [main theories] Provide a minimum of three examples of what he did wrong and provide three recommendations of how he could have been more effective. (Extra Credit)

Link to "Drive" video

Day 4
Emotions Part I & II Assignment: Part I is an assignment and Part II is Extra Credit!

Emotions (James Lange) Extra Credit Project: At the bottom of your Emotions handout, you will find a project that deals with the James Lange Theory and Cognitive Dissonance, don't forget to do it.  [on emotion] Remember, it takes 5 days to complete it, so get started soon.

Day 5
Lie Detecting & The O.J. Simpson Interview: Here is the worksheet for this assignment.
The Actual OJ Simpson Interview: Here is the transcript to the interview.

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