Unit X Personality & Unit XI Testing

Unit X & XI Unit Plan

Unit X & XI Outline (Click on the Link to access the Outline Note Taking Guide)
Personality According to Freud
Personality Tests (Myers & Briggs, Hartman Color, The Big Five, Locus of Control, & Five Love Languages)  You must take the Myers & Briggs test and then you can choose two other tests.
Traits, Social Cognitive, & Exploring Self
Intelligence and Creativity Notes and Activities (The activities are assignments and you will need to turn in your results and responses.)

Extra Credit

Power Points
Personality According to Psychoanalytical Perspective
Unit X Powerpoint
Unit XI Powerpoint

Articles & Video Clips
MMPI Article
Positive Psychology
8 Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes
You're Getting Defensive Again (Freud's Defense Mechanisms)
Crash Course Video: Personality
Crash Course: Controversy of Intelligence 
Crash Course: Brain vs. Bias

The following is a few clips of Defense Mechanisms, some are more accurate depictions than others.  There are some other similar clips on Youtube, beware of some of the language.

Learned Helplessness

More Learned Helplessness

Individualistic vs. Collectivist Health Concerns

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