Unit IX Development

Unit IX Plan  You can use the above packet for assignments and hand outs, use this document for correct dates and reading assignments.

Outline Note Taking Guide & Developmental Free Response
Developmental Theories Chart
Paper Bag Project

Unit IX Powerpoint: Click to see a copy of the Powerpoint we used in class.

Extra Credit Films & Books
The Giver
Brave New World

Video Clips & Documentaries
Youtube Videos about Feral Children
Genie Secret of the Wild Child
Genie Wiley TLC Documentary
The Story of David Reimer Part 1
The Story of David Reimer Part 2
Crash Course: Attachment 
Crash Course: Heredity
Crash Course: Piaget & Child Development
Crash Course: Adolescence
Kohlberg's Experiment: Heinz's Dilema 
What is Alzheimer's Disease

Unit IX Packet An old version of the assignments is uploaded here. You can find a few extra credit opportunities regarding Gender.

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