Extra Credit Opportunities

General Guidelines on Extra Credit: while I strongly encourage you to do as many extra credit assignments as you would like, remember that you can only raise your grade 5% (or a half grade step).  Most of the extra credit assignments here will not be added to your final grade until the end of the term.  You can turn these in at the end of each term or on any test day, place them in the "Late Work, Test Corrections, & Extra Credit" Pile.

Recommended Movies: You can watched approved movies for extra credit.  After watching the film, you will write up a one page paper on how that film illustrated principles of Psychology.  You will also need to do some research on the actual Psychology issue or disorder so that you can tell me whether the Movie accurately portrayed the Psychological condition or disorder.   Each film and corresponding write up will be worth 1% point toward your final grade.

Books: You can choose to read any book that deals with Psychology and write up a two page book review on how the book illustrated principles/concepts of Psychology.  Each book and corresponding book review will be worth 2% points toward your final grade.

Lie Detecting & The O.J. Simpson Interview: Here is the worksheet for this assignment.
The Actual OJ Simpson Interview: Here is the transcript to the interview.

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