Unit VII Cognition

Unit VII Plan: Please Print this off so you know what to read each night.

Assignments & Activities
Unit VII Note Taking Guide: Save a copy to your google drive and use to do your nightly notes.  This is a work in progress. 
Seven Sins of Forgetting
Mind Tools

Instructions for Multiple Choice Test Corrections
Instructions for Free Response Test Corrections

Unit VII Powerpoint
Thinking (Cognition) Powerpoint

Additional Learning Opportunities
Crash Course: Cognition (i.e. Thinking)
Crash Course: Language
Crash Course: Making Memories
Crash Course: Remembering & Forgetting

Extra Credit: 
1. Hollywood Movies: Remember if it is a Hollywood movie, you need to tell me what was correct about their portrayed disorder or condition and what was incorrect. 
Bourne Identity
50 First Dates
The Pirates of Silicone Valley (http://youtu.be/BI-nzUIYIX4) Costs $1.99 to rent and watch.
Genie: Secrets of the Wild Child

2. Video about Memory & the Brain

3. Discovering Psychology: For your viewing pleasure.  A one page write up will get you extra credit.

4. Memory Building Activities: For extra credit, use any of the following sites (try out the free opportunities) for at least an hour, tell me what they had you do, what you learned, and whether or not you think it was effective.
Rosetta Stone
How to Improve your Brain: Test these tips out for a week and report back

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